Vision Board Ideas for Adults

Get Creative and Mix It Up with These 5 Vision Board Ideas

By now, you probably know that I’m a huge advocate of vision boards! They are such a fabulous way to focus on your dream life and actually visualise what you want your dream life and business to look like. Don’t doubt the power of using a vision board for the manifestation of your goals and dreams –  it’s your first baby step towards the abundance that’s waiting for you. 

It’s also a tremendous stress reducer because big, bold dreaming can be inspiring and fun, especially when you do it with a bunch of friends!

But if flipping through old mags isn’t your idea of fun (or maybe you don’t have a business-vision-bestie to share your dreams with just yet), you can still create a vision board without magazines. Treat it like a visual diary or journal, just without all the cutting and pasting.

Practical and fun vision board ideas for adults

1. Digital Vision Boards

You can achieve the same effect of a cut-and-paste vision board by using a Word document and free digital photos instead. If you want more design elements to add to your digital vision board, try Adobe Spark’s free collage maker. This is a fun alternative if you’re pressed for time during lunch or if you just don’t have a stash of magazines. 

Plus, having a vision board online is a great alternative if you spend most of your day in front of the computer. Once the digital vision board is complete, make it your computer’s wallpaper so it’ll be your daily reminder to keep working harder and to focus on the bigger picture.  

2. Make Your Vision Board a Part of Your Office Décor

If you’re hosting clients in your office, you may not want your cut-and-paste vision board displayed in the centre of the wall. So why not turn your vision board into office décor with a simple frame?

Instead of using a collage template, consider framing individual, large-sized photographs to display in a wall group. Take a photo of your dream beach house, the location of your bucket list holiday spot, or anything else that forms your future vision.

For a vision board to work, you need to see it every day, so looking at these framed photographs will serve the same purpose: to inspire you to work hard to reach those goals.

3. Add a Mix of People, Places and Things

So often we expect vision boards to be filled with expensive gizmos and gadgets but think about your ideal life and what makes it uniquely yours. 

Who are the most important people in your life? Where do you dream of travelling to or living? Where will you work from and how does it feel?

Life isn’t just about how many THINGS you can accumulate; it’s also about the people we love and the adventures we dream about. 

4. Turn Your Vision Board into a Journal

What better way to combine your vision board with journaling than to turn it into a journal! Or at least, turn the board into the cover of your journal. Simply take some photos of your vision board, print them on heavy-weight card stock, resize it to fit the cover of your journal, and adhere it with tape or craft glue.

Now, when you want to write about the day’s ups and downs, you can revisit your goals and find new inspiration, especially if you had many challenges throughout the day.

5. Use Pinterest

This one goes hand in hand with Digital Vision Boards but it’s even easier to use than a collage maker. If you don’t want the entire world to know your hopes and dreams, make the board ‘Secret’. 

The only downside is that Pinterest boards can get full very quickly and it may be difficult to focus on what you really want. To combat this problem, create a secret board for each area of your life (Work, Home, Holiday House, Where I Want to Live, etc.). This way you can take a screenshot of your boards from the Pinterest dashboard and still see what you’re working to achieve.

If you often find yourself checking your phone and trawling social media first thing in the morning, it may be handy to have your vision board via the Pinterest app. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, you can quickly open up your Pinterest vision board and ensure that your priorities are aligned with your goals for the day ahead. 

Which vision board idea are you going to try? 

I’d love for you to give one of these fun vision board ideas a shot. It’s such a wonderful way to reconnect and realign with your important life goals, a visual prompt to help you stay on track. 

Let me know which of the ideas you’re going to try out and how it went!

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