I’ve put together and answered your most frequently asked questions

If this is your first time looking into whether a business coach can help you achieve your goals or how I can work with you to fast track your success, you probably have a million questions you’re wanting to ask. And that’s okay! Having a coach as part of your trusted inner circle can work wonders when it comes to building your confidence, getting rid of self-limiting beliefs, effectively tackling roadblocks and strategising the best game plan for your business. 

It may seem like a big investment but like anything in life, taking little steps forward can lead to incredibly mighty progress. To answer some of the most popularly asked questions and address any niggling concerns, I’ve put together a list of FAQs for you down below.If you have more questions or would just like to have a casual chat about whether I’m the right business coach for you, please get in touch. I’d love to put your mind at ease, no strings attached – I promise!

General FAQs

The primary purpose of a business coach is to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

A business coach will help you to clarify your overall business vision and how it fits with your personal and/or lifestyle goals. From an objective standpoint, they’ll assist you with the process of setting up and running a successful, profitable and sustainable business. Most importantly, a business coach will empower and support you to create the outcomes you desire – personally and professionally. 

Entrepreneurs are amazing, dynamic and determined people. They go into business with a vision, a mission, and a passion for what they do and whom they serve. However, previous career successes and pure grit don’t always translate neatly into the world of entrepreneurial demands. Entrepreneurs may find themselves riddled with self-doubt, facing feelings of Imposter Syndrome, or they may identify skill gaps and need to learn new disciplines, fast. Many of these skills aren’t covered in formal education, but rather learnt over time with trial and error, seeing what works for your business – BUT time is limited and precious, and “time is money”. To ensure rapid action and progress, they recognise that working with an experienced coach will take them further much faster. Plus, all of the support, guidance, unbiased opinions, accountability (and tough love) a coach provides is often exactly what they desire. 

Regardless of what stage your business is in (pre-launch, startup, successful or mature), a business coach can help you achieve your business vision much faster. 

They will provide:

  • Unbiased and productive feedback
  • Guide you as you step outside of your comfort zone
  • Provide the tools and perspective you need to achieve the success you deserve
  • Encourage you to explore new concepts and opportunities – ones you may never have considered, have avoided, or unnecessarily discounted

1. Check their social profiles – LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
2. Check their website – Homepage and ‘About Me’ page
3. Consider how long they have been in business
4. Establish their previous experience
5. Read their reviews, awards and any recommendations – good and/or bad

After doing all your homework, meet with them. Interview them – like an official job interview. Ensure your values are aligned and you’re confident you can work together.

A fully qualified, engaged and enthusiastic team is worth so much more than the money you spend engaging them.

A good business coach will challenge you and push you outside of your comfort zone. These are essential steps to help you hone your skills and become more effective at running your business. 

A business coach might be right for you if you’re finding yourself wanting someone to talk to who:

  • Understands you and your business
  • Can help you identify your next best steps
  • Can provide you with independent, unbiased advice and a bit of tough love
  • Will ensure you’re focused on the right activities at the right time
  • Will hold you accountable for achieving the outcomes critical to your business’s success

Put simply, you don’t want to struggle alone any longer and you’re tired of treading water. You just want to get the right advice and focus on growing your business. 

It’s possible to love your business coach but also be broke. Too often, business coaching material is taught by coaches who have never grown a business themselves (other than their program), so everything they teach is theoretical at best. Depending on their “real life” experience, they may have no idea if their methodologies and advice will actually work for you and your business.

Not to humble brag, but I’ve worked in the corporate sector for over 25 years and have created my dream business twice. This has given me an incredibly diverse, tried-and-tested experience when it comes to business coaching, no matter what product or service you offer.

The best time to hire a business coach is when you have a clear picture of the business and lifestyle you want to achieve. You’re intrinsically highly motivated to grow and succeed and will do everything it takes to get you there. 

While I’m based in Melbourne, my business coaching and hypnotherapy predominantly takes place online. So, no matter where you are in Australia or the world, I’m able to work with you virtually – isn’t technology a beauty?

If you’re firm on finding a business coach in your local area, you can ask your personal network for recommendations or hop online to do your research. 

My primary purpose as your business coach is to empower YOU to create the business outcomes you desire.

I will work with you to identify your business goals and challenges. And of course, I’ll provide the tailored guidance, support and accountability you require to gain the clarity and confidence to move your business forward.

In contrast, a consultant is a professional who may be engaged to provide information, advice, brainstorming and/or training on a specific technical discipline that’s identified as an area of need within your business (e.g. Accounting, HR, Legal, IT).

A business coach will act more like a business consultant, partner or advisor, whereas a life coach will feel more like you’re speaking to a psychologist or counsellor to help you understand and achieve your personal goals. 

A business coach will work with you to improve:

  • Business performance and profitability
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Skillset
  • Mindset 
  • Provide professional support, guidance and accountability

Whereas a life coach will focus on:

  • Helping you set and achieve personal goals 
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Overcome fears, anxiety or personal trauma

A business coach will work with you to clarify your business vision, identify your goals and provide advice, guidance and support, tailored to your individual circumstances. They’ll equip you with the clarity and confidence you need to move your business forward. Plus, they’ll hold you accountable to completing work purposefully and keeping you on track with the agreed timeline. 

Be honest and open about your struggles, roadblocks and any other problems that are currently holding you back, from the get-go. A business coach can only provide tailored advice and guidance based on what you share with them. The most important thing is to show up, be open and receptive to constructive feedback and be prepared to put in the hard work. I’ll help you to define your business goals, develop your SMART goals, as well as improving your focus, business practices and processes.

 Additional tips:

  • Get clear on your vision and mission, and area/s of focus/need
  • Keep a journal between sessions
  • Don’t dwell on problems, seek feedback and guidance
  • Be open and coachable
  • Be prepared to be challenged
  • Expect change
  • Get comfortable working just outside your comfort zone

A business coach is not a magic fix. It also isn’t their job to develop your business idea, nor should you expect them to work in or on your business. Even when a business coach provides excellent commercial and practical advice they can only be as successful as the effort you put into achieving the agreed outcomes. It’s up to you to show up, put in the work, and create impactful, measurable change within your business.

The cost of engaging a business coach will vary enormously and price isn’t always an indicator of quality. It’s far more important to focus on whether a business coach is the right fit for you and your business. Cost can also vary based on the length of your engagement, frequency and duration of your coaching sessions, and ultimately your goals and business needs. If you are highly engaged, focused and motivated, you can achieve your results efficiently and improve your ROI.

Great question! In short, YES it should be. However, this is really a question for your accountant. I’m not aware of the current taxation rules, regulations and laws of all states, countries and jurisdictions.

Generally, business coaching fees are similar to expenditures on business training and development. However, if your coach is a life coach, providing personal advice, as opposed to professional advice, then the answer would be NO.

Working with me FAQ's

Yes, you sure can! In fact, I make it my practice to only work with clients whom I feel I can serve at the highest level, am aligned with and in areas where I have the necessary skills and experience to add value to.

Feel free to contact me, book a 15-minute virtual coffee or a 45-minute discovery consultation. I would love to connect, learn more about you, your business and your needs, and explore whether we’re the perfect fit. No obligations whatsoever!


Yes, absolutely. I offer a completely online service and as long as we can align our diaries and make the time differences work, I welcome clients from anywhere in the world.

Yes. My ultimate passion and mission in life is to help female entrepreneurs succeed in business. It’s my niche, my purpose, what makes my heart sing. Empowering women is what I live for. The reality is that women do business differently, operate differently and learn differently – something that I understand deeply and embrace in the way that I work. If you’d like to learn more about why this is so important to me and delve into my personal journey, please head over to my About Me page.

Whether you’re in a product or service-based business, I’m confident that I can apply and adapt my business coaching services to your industry. I’ve spent over 20 years working in large corporates, SMEs, small business and startup environments – I’ve worn many hats, my diverse, on-ground industry experience ranges across the Retail, Hospitality, Medical, FMCG, Professional Services, Events, Tourism, Print, Promotional Products, Property Styling, EduTech and more. I’ve also successfully created my dream business twice.

It’s important to remember that the elements of running a successful business are based on the same core foundations, regardless of which industry your business is in. 

You can rest assured that I’ll bring to the table a lifelong passion for learning and growth, as well as a “ninja-like” ability to instinctively and rapidly ‘see’ a way for you to get unstuck and achieve your goals. I’m adaptable, flexible, fast learner and quick on my feet. Wherever you’re at and whichever industry you’re in, I’ll tailor my business coaching skills to your situation and will meet you in the middle.

To be completely frank, no, and you should be extremely wary of anyone who promises they can. What I can guarantee is that I will provide you with sound advice based on years of training, education, learned and lived experience.

Business coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client, where there’s responsibility on both sides. Results will vary depending on your personal skills and experience, your openness to being coached, and the effort you contribute to taking action as a result of our coaching engagement.

The measures of success of a coaching agreement will vary between clients, their business stage, and their specific goals. 

We will agree on key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your goals and business needs, at the commencement of your engagement.

I use a Business Implementation Plan (BIP) Survey tool to establish a baseline of my clients’ business health and to track their progress throughout our engagement. Businesses that score 80% or more on the BIP are statistically proven to be more profitable and sustainable.

Reaching the 80% mark can require a 3 to 5-year strategy to achieve, but we will see incremental progress based on the work we do together.

This is one of the reasons that the minimum engagement period for an established business is 6 months, as it takes time to implement and measure change over time.