Startup Success Coaching Program – Business Coaching for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Hi there, lady boss-to-be!

So, you’ve got a new business venture in the works or maybe there’s an idea you’ve been mulling over and you’re ready to make the leap of faith…Congratulations! I’m so incredibly excited for you and would love to join you on your new journey. 

The road ahead will have twists and turns, but I know that you’ve got it in you to show ‘em who’s boss. Challenges, road blocks, tears and laughter, we’ll make sure that no matter what, you’re always progressing towards your ultimate vision and business goals. 

Whatever stage you’re at, this business coaching program is made for YOU – read on, have a sticky beak and let’s see if we’re the perfect match to get you to where you want to be.  


This is a 3-month program designed to support emerging female entrepreneurs who are ready to take action. 

It’s a highly customised, one-on-one coaching experience that will guide you through the process of initiating and launching your dream business. 


  • You’re feeling frustrated, stuck and maybe a little disheartened
  • You’re ready to launch and grow a successful business, but you don’t know how
  • You want to take the leap of faith but self-limiting beliefs are holding you back
  • You want professional guidance and peace of mind that you’ll get things right the first time
  • You want first-hand advice and support from a fellow entrepreneur with over 20 years’ corporate experience

If any of the above apply or even vaguely resonate, we’re on to something good!


The Startup Success Coaching Program is a 3-month, one-on-one coaching program specifically tailored to you and your needs. 

The program includes:

  1. A detailed onboarding process
    – A personality type test
    – A Business Assessment Survey
    – 1 x 90 minute deep-dive workshop
  2. 11 x 60-minute coaching calls
  3. Access to my Facebook group, and any courses and materials created during our engagement
  4. Voxer messaging and email support to answer your questions in between sessions – 5 days a week
  5. Detailed notes and defined action items – provided within 24 hours of each session

Optional Hypnotherapy treatment available, at an additional cost, to complement and further supercharge your success.  


You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, invest in your future, and show up consistently to achieve your goals. 

In terms of the investment towards your success, the Startup Success Coaching Program will cost:

  • $4,997 when paid upfront, in full
  • Or $1,815 in instalments, across 3 months


  • Both business and personal, we’ll explore your Passion, Purpose and Why
  • You’ll obtain unshakable Clarity, Focus and Direction
  • We’ll create tangible outcomes including Goal Setting, Action Plan, Performance Measures and Accountability
  • We’ll prepare you to initiate and launch your dream business
  • Expert guidance, proven strategies, tactics and tools that will set you up for success

These are just some of the outcomes you can look forward to but I’ll make sure the one-on-one business coaching is perfectly aligned to your desired goals and specific requirements. As long as you turn up with your game face on and are ready to put in the hard work, you’ll come away with all these and more. 


My one-on-one coaching program is carefully tailored to meet you at your point of need, wherever you’re at in your newfound entrepreneurial journey. To make sure that I’m the right fit for you, I’ll take you through a few initial steps to help me get to know you a little better.

The initial steps:

  1. Registering your interest below
  2. A free 45-minute discovery call to explore your needs and determine how best we can work together

It’s a bit like going on a blind date isn’t it? But don’t worry, we’ll have a whole lotta fun along the way.

If you choose to proceed, I’ll take you through a comprehensive onboarding process to make sure we’re 100% on the same page.


Can I still take this course if I don’t have a business yet?
Absolutely! This course is going to cover how to manifest, initiate and launch your dream business! It’s perfect for dynamic visionaries who are ready to tap into their entrepreneurial superpower and take the leap of faith.

Is this course for service or product based businesses?
Both! It’s for all emerging entrepreneurs. I will help you to explore how to take what you’re good at and love, and turn that passion into a business that brings you joy. Then we’ll go through the foundational pillars of excellence that successful businesses use to achieve sustainability and profitability, and how you can strive to implement them in your business.

Can I join if I’m with a network marketing company?
Of course! This program will guide you through all the pillars of establishing and running a successful business. We’ll focus on how to build your networks and community in an authentic and non-salesy way, so you can serve your ideal clients and expand your offerings to them.

Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that I was a Tupperware Manager in my 20s – I had my own car, team and the works. I’ll make sure to give you all the insider tips and tricks I learnt along the way. 

Can you guarantee specific results?
Whilst I will share all my passion, experience, expertise and proven strategies with you, I cannot guarantee you specific results. Your results are individual to you and will be determined by your own effort, energy, experience and the action you’re willing to take. How you show up for the training and respond to feedback will also play a factor in the outcome. 

What is the process once I decide to move forward?

  • I’ll send you an invoice
  • Make the payment
  • Sign the client agreement
  • Book our 90-minute kick-off meeting
  • Complete the onboarding process

How can I make payment?
Coaching calls can be paid in full or in monthly instalments, as per our agreement. You may pay via EFT or credit card.

Can I request a refund?
Your success is extremely important to me and I’m fully invested in working with you to achieve your outcomes. Once you’ve signed your client agreement, paid your fees, and the coaching engagement commences, I begin work immediately on my end. For this reason I don’t offer refunds on my coaching packages. 

Other questions?
Have an unanswered question or just want to chat further? Please email me at [email protected] for further assistance. I can’t wait to hear from you!


YAY – Big congrats and imaginary hugs for taking the first step towards our adventure together. 

Please fill out the application form below. The more detail and information you can provide, the better!