My ‘Why’ – Empowering You To Lead With Grounded Self-Confidence

In a world where the line between self-assurance and doubt often blurs, standing firmly grounded in your own worth is more than a skill – it’s an art. An art that commands both finesse and understanding from deep within. I’m Nirelle Bennett, not your average ‘coach,’ but a masters-level coach (in training) specialising in transforming the lives of executives, professionals, and business owners. Men and women alike find in me not just a guide, but a partner committed to their growth and self-realisation.

My coaching journey was borne from a very personal battle with Imposter Syndrome. I understand firsthand the crippling doubt it casts, shadowing even the brightest achievements. It was this personal struggle that propelled me to dive deep—not just surface level—into the complex interplay of mind, body, and energy. Today, I stand before you, not just as a coach, but as a testament to the transformation that’s truly possible.

The essence of my coaching lies in its holistic approach. I blend cognitive strategies with cellular healing and energetic alignment to target the root causes of Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt – a proven, research-backed approach with just a touch of woo. It’s about more than just overcoming; it’s about mastering. Mastering your mindset to lead with unshakable confidence and embrace the leader you were always meant to be.

To those of you feeling the weight of doubt, to the trailblazers and the visionaries standing on the cusp of greatness yet hindered by unseen shackles – know that your feelings are valid, but they do not define you. With the right guidance, the journey from self-doubt to self-assurance is not just possible; it’s a path I’ve walked myself.

Let’s take that first step together. It’s not just about achieving success in your external world; it’s about aligning your inner world to step forward each day with grounded confidence. The transformation awaits, and I am here to navigate it with you, every step of the way.

Are you ready to leave Imposter Syndrome behind and meet the leader within? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Why partner with me on your leadership journey?

A Journey of Resilience and Authenticity. My path to transformational leadership coaching has been a voyage through high-stakes corporate roles and entrepreneurial ventures, culminating in the profound work I do today. With 25 years of firsthand experience in the very challenges you face – from performance pressure to Imposter Syndrome – I’ve not only survived, I’m thriving.

Turning Transformation into Action

What differentiates me is my choice to redefine my journey, confront my struggles, and embark on a quest for self-discovery. Through deep inner work and a commitment to holistic coaching, I transform doubt into confidence and leadership. My mission is to guide you in doing the same, breaking free from uncertainty to find your authentic power.


My story – a rocky start to a life of abundance and joy.

I’ve created my dream life AND my dream business – TWICE!

But it wasn’t always easy, I had a rocky start to life. I’ll save you the entire sob story because I like to live in the ‘now’ and I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, but here’s a quick snippet.

I came from a dysfunctional, broken home, so my early years weren’t full of stability, opportunity or encouragement. I yearned for praise and craved support. As a young girl, my dreams were simple enough. I envisaged a stable and happy life, surrounded by people I love and who love me. Though, deep down I knew I was made for more and every single step I took was intentional, to move me closer to my dream life.

Making up for lost time, I followed my passions, and was constantly learning, exploring, making mistakes and growing.

Over 25 years of corporate experience, a lifetime of learning

You should see my resume, it’s a never-ending scroll, I’ve dipped my toes in almost every corporate sector – Receptionist, Doctor’s Assistant, Medical Practice Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Media Accreditation, ERP Project Advisor, CRM Database Manager, CRM Operations Manager, Telemarketing Manager, Marketing and Project Consultant, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Business Owner. 

Accumulated over 25 years, with a good portion of that spent juggling full-time corporate roles while furthering my studies. Excessive, I know. Worth it? Yes. But it didn’t stop there.

A 3-year detour and adventure of a lifetime in Phuket, Thailand

After the birth of my first daughter, I finally took the plunge and left the concrete jungle…to create and run my own tourism business in Phuket, Thailand. I’d never worked in Tourism, I didn’t speak Thai, I’d never lived as an expat, I’d never owned my own business. I was a total rookie with no experience – zero, zip, zilch, nada. 

What I did have was a burning passion and vision driving me, a sense of adventure and fun, and a bucket load of corporate and professional expertise. I had an incredible time and cherished every minute. I followed my dream. I packed up my husband, my baby, my “safe” life and my stable job… and traded my comfort zone for the unknown. It was crazy, thrilling, hard work and the best damn experience of my life. One for the memory books. 

Anyhoo, I digress. Guess what I loved most? Being a business owner. As a business owner and now an online business coach (aka second dream job), I’ve found my true passion and purpose in life, my calling. The privilege to empower and educate women is what I live for. 

So, here I am now, a business coach. It’s hardly considered ‘work’ when you love what you do so profoundly. 

That sense of passion, fun, adventure and endless thrill, I want to help you rekindle that. You don’t have to travel to exotic destinations or go on an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ adventure like I did (but if that’s what it takes, go for it) – you can do it right here and right now. We’ve just got to find what lights your inner spark and makes you do that happy dance. 

Okay, Nirelle. Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the good stuff!

Gippsland, Australia, is where I’ve planted roots with my incredible husband and our two beautiful daughters, 11 and 8. After a 20-year stint in bustling Melbourne and a vibrant chapter in Thailand, we sought solace in Gippsland’s greenery and open spaces in May 2021, a silver lining courtesy of the COVID era.

My zest for life is fueled by jaunts to unseen corners of the globe, grooving to live tunes, indulging in a good brain-tickling book on self-development or neuroscience, and keeping the energy high with Pilates and personal training sessions. Off the clock, you’ll find me mastering the art of green thumbing across two acres, taking brisk walks with my lively Doberman, or whipping up gastronomic delights – I’m all about that good food and fine winee.

Here’s a fun fact – I played lacrosse from the age of 7 until I had my daughters. That might explain my fierce competitiveness and stubborn tenacity.

That’s me, in a nutshell.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for hearing me out because I can’t wait to hear your story. Our friendship’s just beginning.