Calm, confident and in control. Unlock the 3 powerful keys to conquering your money, your mindset and your business, and stop living in fear and worry.

Deeply transformational, this self-paced program is designed to liberate you from the shackles of past money beliefs and set you up for long-term success.

Does the mere thought of money make you feel uncomfortable and completely ICKY?

Maybe you find yourself:

  • Inwardly cringing every time you’re faced with money decisions?
  • Avoiding money talk at every opportunity?
  • Living a relentless struggle with money stress and anxiety?
  • Reluctant to raise your rates because you feel unworthy and/or guilty?

Because, STOP. It doesn’t need to be this way. 

You have the power to earn more, charge more and have more.You deserve abundance – give yourself permission to receive it with open arms and welcome it with gratitude. Reclaim what’s yours. 

Do you dream of a life filled with ease and abundance?

Deep down, you desire and know that you deserve to earn more money, and not have to stress about your finances. That the profitable business and lifestyle you dream of is within reach, you just don’t know how to get there.

A Sexy, New Money Mindset was designed especially for YOU.

Step by step, you’ll begin to overcome and resolve your money mindset roadblocks, and let freedom take over. Once and for all.  

And you can start living life by your own rules (and break them when you want to), and be in total control.

Ready to rock a sexy, new, rock-solid money mindset?

Imagine feeling the calm (and relief) that comes with financial empowerment. The liberating joy of having a rock-solid money mindset, and experiencing the fearless start to a bright, shiny, sexy and new relationship with money. 

A life-changing money mindset  that brings you satisfaction, purpose and joy!

This is your opportunity to dig deep and start manifesting your dream life and business. Today, not tomorrow. Right now, not later. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How your money story develops
  • Where, when and how your money beliefs evolve
  • How money mindset psychology influences your behaviour – without you even realising it
  • The secret to regaining your freedom
  • How to rewrite your money story for good and create a plan for the future

PLUS, comprehensive money mindset exercises to boost your money mindset transformation from BLAH to BLISS. 

“Nirelle is an incredible business coach. Her expertise and overall approach is truly one of a kind. Her ability to quickly combine compassion, in-depth knowledge, powerful insights and future thinking into one bullet-proof package is testament to her life-changing coaching magic.

She has an uncanny ability to push through my defensive barriers and address areas of concern with honest clarity. In just a few pow-wows, she’s successfully turned my stubborn money mindset and reluctance towards journaling, right around and for the better.

Tough and brutal when she needs to be, Nirelle knows how to help me overcome my roadblocks, keep me accountable and most importantly, have me feel 100% supported the entire way through. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Nirelle, and she comes highly, highly, highly recommended to anyone that’s ready to level up their personal life and business game. “

Melinda Harcourt – Melinda Harcourt Copywriting

We haven’t met but I’m about to become your BIGGEST virtual cheerleader.

So lovely to e-meet you, I’m Nirelle.

I’m thrilled that you’re here because I can’t wait to guide you through the transformational journey to unlocking your Sexy New Money Mindset.

It’s an incredibly powerful journey that will lay a rock-solid foundation for you to build a sustainable business AND a lifestyle filled with abundance, ease and flow.

Here’s why I KNOW that this will work for you too. 

You see, to get to where I am today, I’ve had to square up to and tackle my own money mindset beliefs. And when I did, I was astounded by, just how deep-seated my negative money mindset was. That all this time, I was being held prisoner by my own unconscious thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, giving them free rein to dictate what I thought I deserved.

It was the wake-up call I needed. 

Cue the unforgettable overhauling of my money mindset – I was released. And it was only then, that I was able to forge forward and experience the amazing opportunity of creating my dream life AND my dream business – TWICE!

But, I’ll be honest. It wasn’t always easy, I had a rocky start to life. I’ll save you the entire sob story because I like to live in the ‘now’ and I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, but here’s a quick snippet.

I came from a dysfunctional, broken home. I spent my early years craving the stability, opportunity and encouragement that I was deprived of.  But I still had dreams, and they were simple enough.I envisaged a stable and happy life, surrounded by people I love and who love me. 

Despite it all, I still knew deep down that I was made for more. Every single forward step I took was intentional, to move me closer to financial stability and my dream life. 

As a result of my upbringing, my money mindset was fundamentally flawed. It was built on a foundation of scarcity, lack of permanence and sense of powerlessness.

When I realised that this didn’t have to be my reality, I seized the chance to replace my money mindset with one of empowerment, ease and abundance. The sense of freedom and relief that followed was profound. It also opened my eyes to the realisation that I had the power to reframe my old money story that no longer served me.

I set about creating a brand spanking new money story. One entirely of my choosing, custom-made and perfectly fitted, just for me.

All it took was one single life-changing decision to create a new reality.  One where I now enjoy a beautiful and abundant life and business. 

I now live in full alignment with an abundant money mindset. Ready, willing and open to receive money and abundance with gratitude and joy. 

I still revisit my favourite and very powerful money journal prompt to this day “I am aligned with the energy of abundance”.

Treat your sexy, new money mindset like it’s your favourite accessory

I know how profound it is to unburden oneself of self-limiting money beliefs and be able to rewrite your money story entirely. I’ve experienced first-hand the doors it opens and the opportunities that await on the other side. The sense of calm, peace and confidence that it elicits.

It’s truly liberating. It enhances your self-confidence, decision-making, your openness to receiving money, and your personal and professional relationships too. Leaving you with a profound sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Which is exactly why I am so passionate about sharing this opportunity with you. 

To give you the gift of Choosing Abundance Over Scarcity.

But it won’t happen by chance or luck. If you want this transformation in your life you MUST take the action.

I invite you to live bravely and boldly, to consciously and purposefully choose this life-changing transformation.

Abundance awaits.

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.” – Bob Proctor